Work packages


Monitoring the marine environment.

Abdirahman Omar, NORCE,
Sigrid E. Schütz, UiB-Law.

Will survey the regulatory requirements and opportunities and technical limitations laying the foundation for the marine monitoring program. This activity will underpin the other WPs, providing the necessary information on what level of assurance is expected from a monitoring program, alongside the present capabilities of marine measurements and monitoring.

Design and build of the pre-operational web toolkit.

Jerry Blackford, PML.

Will be responsible for building the toolkit based on verified algorithms for detecting weak signals in a highly variable environment and designing monitoring programs.

Responsible CCUS monitoring process.

Dorothy DankelUiB-BIO 
Sigrid E. Schütz, UiB-Law.
Will study how the monitoring program can be used to communicate risks and benefits of subsea storage, and as a tool for public engagement through the Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) framework.

Scenarios and site studies.
Sarah Gasda, NORCE.
Will utilize the web toolkit built in WP2 and the knowledge learned in WP3 to study policy scenarios and demonstrate the toolkit on the P18 and Smeaheiastorage sites as well as study sites in the Gulf of Mexico.

Dissemination, reporting and coordination.

Guttorm Alendal, UiB-MATH.

Assure easy communication in this highly cross-disciplinary project, both in the core project group, in the extended collaboration group, and beyond the project. Responsible to periodic reporting to ACT.